New Blog site

Well, I did a horrible job at posting new pictures and videos. I blame it all on school.  But I finally finished school and moved to Florida to work at Disney World.  Allie decided to start a blog and post video blogs ("vlogs"), every once in a while for our family and close friends. Allie is in charge of that blog, and has restricted the access to filter out any creepy internet stalkers.

The new blog is:

Lou's and Sara's B-Day party, Jan 7 2010

Wedding Day Part 2

Here is part 2 of the wedding which has clips of the Reception.

Wedding Day Part 1

Video footage of Spencer and Olivia's Wedding day, Part 1

Well, I almost forgot that I even had a blog. I have kind of cut myself off from the world because of school this semester. I am in the middle of the mechanical engineering program at the U, and that should take all my time; when I decide not to do my school work, than I spend time with my two lady friends (my wife and daughter).
These are pictures from my fall break last october when we totally lived it up. I didnt touch my school stuff all week and we went hiking, four-wheeling, and of course I had to work. it was a blast.

Well, i haven't posted in a while because i decided to be lame and get a facebook account because more people can find me there. so There are pictures there too. the only thing this blog has going for itself are my videos which are too long for facebook.

This is me and my four bros: John, Spencer and Robert. people used to think we were identical because my mom would dress us up the same. but you can tell that once we could dress ourselves, that we have different choices in style.

-May 2007

I like this picture of Robert because it's a contrast to his high school picture where his hair was long enough to pass his shoulders about a year eariler. He is in the Toronto mission right now.

-Feb 2008

I'm sure spencer (miami thunder) needs no introduction, but i know a lot of people are unaware that he is in Brazil right now on a mission. I actually stole these pictures from my older sisters blog. (she has the two little boys) I'm so confident that he's one of the best missionaries.

-Oct 2008


that first picture is when Allie and I went hiking in Fall 2007. Then there is a picture of us at Nassau, in the Bahamas in the Summer 2007. Then us with Kate at her Baptism in the Spring of 2008.

Richy Flips

Thanksgiving 2006.

I guess you could say this was my comeback from my mission cause I had been home about a year.

Richy Flips 2

This was done in Spring 2007 just before i got married.

I am not quite as graceful anymore.